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Color your website your way

 Colors – Set the colors for various things on your website as mentioned below: Headings, Titles and Pagination – Color set here will affect your site’s headings, titles & displayed pagination (page numbers). Change color of Navigation background – Selected color will be displayed as a background color for the navigation menu. Change color of Content text, Input…

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Set your desired image as a background of your site with our Background Image option

With Background Image set the image -your willing one, as a background to your site by following simple file selection process!

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We provide the optimum use of the footer area

Footer – With this one, you can upload your logo at this place & can also use the html<tags> to display your desired thing here (example: Copy right, trademark etc)  

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With us you can keep your Home Page Static or Dynamic (Latest Posts)

Static Front Page – This option is concerned with your homepage that what should be displayed as your home content. Your latest posts – Choosing this will show respective widgets placed in the widgets areas (in back end) on your home page. A static page – You can set any available page as your home page by selecting…

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Make your error page more informative & specific with 404 Page Settings

404 Page Settings – By giving the slug name for any page/category/Tags, you can display it on your error page. Slug name is asked when you create any Post Type/Category/Tags. If we leave this field blank then it will be same as the “Name” of that particular post type.

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